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The sailor and the yogini behind yoga and sailing.

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Ghego (nickname for Francesco) begins his navigator career in 1994 as a sailing instructor in Sardinia. During this time he travels the routes of the Mediterranean.
In 1996 he crosses the Atlantic for the first time and navigates two years a variety of sailing boats between the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela and the United States. After that follows the world tour on a Mauric 64th.
Since 1998 Francesco works on yachts from 72 to 110 fts long. This work leads him to sail around the Mediterranean and to cross the Atlantic again.
Moreover he opens a service company where he offers his experience for yachts-related services as well as for charter holidays.

He has crossed the Atlantic back and forth 11 times in his life and has more than 80.000 sea miles behind him.

Professional titles and certificates:

  • Leisure craft official
  • Boatmaster’s certificate for sail and motor boat
  • STCW95
  • M.A.M.S.Marittimo Abilitato ai Mezzi di Salvataggio
  • GMDSS GOC  Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
  • ISAF Approved Offshore Personal Survival Corso Radar
  • Corso Antincendio Base e Avanzato
  • PSSR – Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Survival and rescuing course
  • First Aid
  • Work at Height permit

He is the founder of Altamarea, the sailing charter company for Sardinia and the best skipper and sailing teacher you can find. 😉


Alessandra begins practicing yoga while working between Asia and Germany, progressively realising the importance of the body awareness and breath in the midst of the stressful office life.

With 28 years old she quit her safe job and “career life” and decided to devote herself completely to yoga.
She lived half a year in a yoga ashram in Germany, where she completed the yoga teacher training course and taught regularly.
She spent one year between India, Bali and Malaysia, integrating her practice with Iyengar yoga, and also studying Ayurvedic massage techniques.

Since 2016 she is in a professional course to become practitioner of the Grinberg Method, integrating bodywork therapy and yoga.

Alessandra spends the summer in Sardinia offering yoga to holiday makers on land and at sea.
The rest of the year she lives and works in Vienna.
This way she gets the balance of city/cultural and sea/nature life she long looked for.

More information on her websites for Sardinia and for Vienna.