Carefully described in section “How to reach us”.

Soft bags are preferred & are easier to stow on the boat.

It will be warm in the summer, day and night. A jumper & jacket may be welcome for the evenings while mooring in bays.
During the day, for the yoga practice and onboard there won’t be much need for anything more than T-shirt and shorts and a tight fitting hat.
Shore clothes and shoes for evening meals & exploring/trekking.

The best period to visit Sardinia is from May till October. Peak temperatures in high season summer months (July, August) can reach 35°C (100°F), and the water surface at that point reaches a very pleasant 26°C (79°F).
May-June and September and early October are ideal for travel – usually still warm, and quieter. In the off-season the beaches are less crowded, while the weather is fairly stable.
The prevailing wind in Sardinia is the Mistral, which blows from the North West. It can blow for a few days especially in May and in September/October. July and August are generally calmer.

Crew list
We are required to compile an official crew-list, for which we will need the full names, date of birth, nationality and passport number for all guests. All you need to do is give us this information in advance.

On the boat there is a 12 Volt & limited 240 volt supply (under 500 watts): a car cigarette lighter socket is available to recharge your phone – please bring your own charger etc. Hairdryers are a problem, unless they are under 500 watts! (Most are rated around 1500 watts) Go natural like we do..! Yachts are by their very nature, self-contained environments with limits on resources – your assistance with conserving power whilst onboard ensures we can anchor away from the noise of busy villages.

The crime rate in Sardinia is low by European standards. Italian police are helpful when dealing with holiday-makers. Always carry your passport in a safe place.

Entry requirements
Visitors from outside the European Union will be issued a tourist visa at the port/airport of entry into Italy for a stay within the European Union of up to 3 months.

Maritime flag etiquette require a small boat to carry the flag of its country of registration at the stern, and a courtesy flag of the country in whose waters she is sailing – half-way up the mast. We are also permitted to fly ‘house flags’ . If you wish to announce your presence on board as a representative of your nation – bring with you a small to moderate size flag of your own country.

No specific vaccinations are required here & EU citizens do not pay for emergency health care, though other nationals may. Hospitals and clinics are located in all major centres, while doctor’s offices and pharmacies can be found in smaller tourist destinations. In spite of generally good health care system, it is best to take a few sensible precautions during your holiday. The most important is to avoid over-exposure to the sun, wear hat and quality sunglasses, and use a high-factor suntan lotion, especially during the hottest part of the day (11 a.m. till 3 p.m.). Drink plenty of water to avoid exhaustion and dehydration.

The yacht is covered by fully comprehensive insurance, but does not cover personal loss, medical expenses, cancellation and so on. You are strongly advised in your own interest to obtain adequate personal, medical and travel insurance. Make sure that your cover includes being on a charter yacht. The Owners/Skipper bear no responsibility for medical and associated charges incurred by the Charterers.

Almost anyone connected to the tourist industry, including waiters, and most young people, will be able to speak English but any effort you do make to speak Italian will be welcomed.

The currency of Sardinia and Corsica (Italy and France) is the Euro. Most currencies can be easily exchanged. Cash machines accepting Visa and Mastercard etc. are very common. You can change money at the airport.

These are not a major problem in Sardinia, though there can be a few around after dark. Bring some ointment or spray if you are very sensitive to bites.

Carry your identity card (EU citizens) or passport (non-EU citizens) at all times. You must be able to show some form of identification if required. Our yacht is a secure location as when you are off the vessel there should always be a member of crew onboard.

We do not have a ‘set-in-stone’ routing – due to the ever changing demands of weather. We always adjust our itinerary according to the winds to ensure you have time for yoga, brunch, swim, sailing, trek… in-short, it is our philosophy to ensure we give you a great experience!
Please Note: We adjust our itinerary around the many beautiful islands and beaches North-East Sardinia and South-East Corsica have to offer & although we will endeavour to be in a new location every night, we are at the mercy of the weather Gods! Your comfort & safety is of the utmost importance to us, & on occasions weather conditions may dictate that we remain in the same location for more than 1 day or back-track our routing to get the best of the winds/weather conditions. For more information have a look at the page Itinerary.

Sun protection
The sun can be very strong in summer, and especially on a boat you’ll get plenty of it. Sun screen are available on board too, but if you have specific requirements please bring your own too. It is advised to use a factor 15 or above in the middle of the day. Dont spoil your holiday for the sake of a tan. A long sleeved shirt or sundress is advisable for hot sailing days.

Mobiles with roaming facility will work in all the islands here. Sometimes while still in the Sardinian islands, the French network will start working so we will warn you to pay attention to the network changes.

Water is very important in Sardinia, especially in summer months when there is likely to be a shortage. On the whole, tap-water in Sardinia is not safe to drink, unless a sign states otherwise. If you are not sure, add some water purifying tabs.
Yachts are by their very nature, self-contained environments with limits on resources – your assistance with conserving water whilst onboard ensures we can anchor away from the noise of busy villages. Bottled water is always available and you will appreciate once onboard, that water is a most precious commodity. We do have showers inside the vessel. Conserving water whilst onboard allows us to stay away from busy quays and maximises our privacy. Your assistance is appreciated!

Yoga mats, blocks and belts are supplied onboard. Yoga sessions will be ashore on the beach or in sheltered areas, some morning or evening breathing & meditation techniques can be held on deck. Activities will be tailored to the group requirements.