The Organic Vegetarian Week

Go vegetarian for one week with our organic, locally-sourced pantry!

Alessandra and Ghego are both culinary foodies, and love to source and eat fresh produce.
The food choice is based exclusively on organic products.¬†Fruits and vegetables are purchased from a local permaculture cultivation (except from bananas and avocados ūüėČ ) eggs, cheese and dried fruits are organic and 100% made in Sardinia too.
We want to¬†make sure we introduce you plenty of local Sardinian specialities during your week with us, we will skip the meat-dishes though. ūüėČ

A vegetarian menu is set for the whole week, and it is so yummy it makes wonders. Some yoga and sailing participants have experienced their first meat-free week of a lifetime! Everyone is invited to prepare the meals under the guidance of Alessandra, who is an expert in vegetarian and vegan cuisine.
Take the chance to explore a new way to nourish yourself, discover some new ingredients to introduce in your kitchen back home, detox your body and eventually loose some weight.

The meals comprise of the following:

  • Snack, fruits, and tea or coffee before the morning yoga
  • Brunch after the morning yoga session
  • Afternoon snacks, fruits, and drinks
  • Dinner after mooring and anchoring
Scrambled tofu

The emptier the stomach is before yoga, the better, therefore fresh fruits and hot drinks are available before the morning yoga. We enjoy a well deserved brunch after the morning yoga and dinner after anchoring in the bay where we spend the night.

Tasty snacks can be found everywhere around the galley, and participants are welcome to help themselves as much as they want. ūüėČ

Hot and cold drinks (water, tea, herbal tea, coffee, oats coffee, juices) are available all day.

In order to be in line with the yoga spirit of the week, we avoid meat, fish and alcohol. If you are afraid you will not survive without your meat/fish dosis of the week NO PANIC.
When mooring in Bonifacio we usually have dinner in a local restaurant (extra, not included in price).

We also stock up our pantry in Bonifacio, where we get organic products in the harbor shops and get a French touch to our meals for the second half of the week.

Alcoholic beverages are not available on board (and can not be taken extra) and it is recommended to avoid them during the whole week of yoga and sailing.


  • Organic
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Vegan