Itinerary and Location

The itinerary: Sardinia, La Maddalena Archipelago, Corsica, Bonifacio…

We slip moorings from Cannigione – the perfect starting location and gateway to La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

We anchor in the bays of the islands of Caprera, Budelli, Spargi, Santa Maria, immersed in the turquoise waters of La Maddalena Archipelago National Park. We sail to the French islands of Lavezzi and Cavallo. We stop in the cute harbor of Bonifacio and again we swim and practice yoga in the beaches of South-East Corsica.

Sailing route example

Follow the red dots of the picture below and see the itinerary we cover in one week of yoga and sailing retreat.
Remember: this is an example.
We do our best in order to adapt the route to the group’s needs and to take you to the most beautiful beaches and bays.

As we depend on the wind direction and speed though, the sailing plan is decided on a daily basis, which makes the itinerary we cover during each yoga and sailing retreat slightly different and unique.

Ca. 80 sea miles (150km) in total.

  • Saturday: Cannigione – Caprera Island. Around 6 sea miles/2 hours
  • Sunday: Caprera Island – Spargi Island. Around 9 sea miles/3 hours
  • Monday: Spargi Island – Isola Piana Around 15 sea miles/4 hours
  • Tuesday: Isola Piana – Bonifacio (overnight stay n the marina and visit to the harbor town). Around 6 sea miles/3 hours
  • Wednesday: Bonifacio – Sant’Amanza Around 14 sea miles/3hours
  • Thursday: Sant’Amanza – Lavezzi. Around 12 sea miles/4 hours
  • Friday: Lavezzi – Budelli (stop and hike to the pink beach) – Cannigione (Overnight stay in the marina). Around 20 sea miles /5 hours
  • Saturday: Breakfast on board –> Check out around 9:00am.

The sailing route of the week is around 80 nautical miles (around 25 hours of sailing for the week) and is customized to the group, the wind and the weather conditions.


Did you know that La Maddalena Archipelago National Park is one of the best sailing environment in the world?

Instituted in 1994, it is located North-East of Sardinia, La Maddalena Archipelago National Park is one of the 24 Italian National Parks, comprising 7 main islands and many smaller ones. The national park is located on the Strait of Bonifacio. Famous for its constant winds, the strait separates Sardinia from Corsica.
Two islands of the Archipelago are inhabited, the others are floating natural paradises.
All within easy reach of one another, they make the sailing easy through crystal clear turquoise water and consistent winds. Every day is a new adventure through stunning landscapes and waters!


Bonifacio 8.2

In Bonifacio we stop to enjoy an evening on land again, stock up our pantry (the menu of the days after Bonifacio has a light French touch), refill water and have a longer shower than usual. 😉 We usually have dinner together in a restaurant, and the meat eaters among us usually celebrate the evening with typical Corsican dishes.

The citadel of Bonifacio was built in the 9th century, reconstructed and renovated many times over the years.
Today it is more of a museum.
Historically the inhabitants have resided in the Haute Ville (upper town) under the immediate protection of the citadel.

The city and its fortifications are built along the cliff top, about 70 meters above sea level. The cliffs have been shaped by the ocean and wind force so the buildings placed over the precipice appear to overhang it.

The appearance from the sea is of a white city gleaming in the sun and suspended over the rough waters below. A must see when you are in the area, especially when you see it from a boat. The sudden and natural entrance to the harbor among the white cliffs as well as the citadel overlooking the harbor itself never end to impress, even after the 100th time you have seen it! 😉


After Bonifacio and before heading back to Sardinia we stop on the South East Coast of Corsica. The beautiful beaches of Isola Piana, Sant’Amanza and Rondinara are among our stops and they guarantee a safe repair in case the Mistral wind starts blowing strongly from North West.

Heading South, we always spend one night anchored in Lavezzi, hike around the island and practice yoga and do meditation among its rocks and somehow lunar landscape.

A stop in Cavallo is sometimes done while heading South, sometimes before going to Bonifacio.

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